At the University of Birmingham, we have Turing fellows in each college

Sylvie Delacroix (Birmingham Law School)

Alex Bespalov (School of Mathematics) 
Biao Cai (School of Metallurgy and Materials) 
Nikolaos Fountoulakis (School of Mathematics) 
Samuel Johnson (School of Mathematics) 
Ata Kaban (School of Computer Science) 
Ales Leonardis (School of Computer Science)  
Jonathan Rowe (The Alan Turing Institute / School of Computer Science)
Aaron Sloman (School of Computer Science)  
Dave Smith (School of Mathematics) 
Iain Styles (School of Computer Science) 
Peter Tino (School of Computer Science) 

Matthew Brett (School of Psychology) 
Nicholas Loman (School of Biosciences) 
Uta Noppeney (School of Psychology)

Luisa Orsini (School of Biosciences)

Andrew Beggs (Institute of Cancer and Genomic Sciences) 
Jean-Baptiste Cazier (Institute of Cancer and Genomic Sciences) 
Georgios Gkoutos (Institute of Cancer and Genomic Sciences) 

Ganna Pogrebna (Department of Economics, Birmingham Business School)


Dominik Danks (Medical and Dental Sciences)


Christopher D’Arcy (College of Social Sciences)
Peter Carr (College of Social Sciences)


Tugce Oruc (Life and Environmental Sciences)

Programme Placement

Leonardo Castro Gonzalez (College of Social Sciences)